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The great design of the Mustang Trike is characterized by its compact dimensions. The Mustang has been optimized in every possible way, it is compact, nimble, and very agile. The compact dimensions of the chassis are just one of the reasons for the excellent handling characteristics of this Trike. Along with the companies own independent suspension, aluminium trailing arms and continuously adjustable shock absorbers.
The tubular frame construction of the new Mustang is attractive and stable at the same time. State of the art CNC tube bending technology makes possible highly complicated structures that fit perfectly to the contours of the Trike. A polished stainless steel exhaust system rounds off the Mustangs strong package.
This 4-cylinder engine is equipped with fuel injection, it has the horsepower for the performance you expect and you will find the engine purrs at just over 2000rpm at 100km/h. More than 150Nm of Torque is available at just 1500 rpm. The torque supply increases relentlessly to l68Nm at 4300 rpm. That means in this range there is always something there to boost the driving pleasure as well as the safety. In the 2000 to 4600 rpm range, the tachometer needle is in its playground.
The long intake pipes keep performance constant. That means there is enough pull in any situation. You don’t have to turn the engine up high to have fun. It has the proven leading link front fork, or “comfort fork” an offset front wheel swing arm. The air scoops in the rear look good and ensure healthy engine temperatures. 
Fuel consumption is something we all look at these days, the Mustang has a fuel tank capacity of 38 litres and the tank is hidden far down in the chassis next to the brake booster. This lowers the center of gravity. When riding the Mustang at a speed of l00km/h, you will find that this drops the fuel consumption to 7 litres for every hundred kilometres. The Mustang has a rear trunk which is bolted to the chassis and has a volume of around 200ltrs. The lid also has a rain gutter to help keep everything waterproof on those rainy days.
Maintenance friendly; the chassis cover can be easily lifted with its gas struts, this lifts the cover completely out of the way. This makes it effortless to access all engine components for servicing – that’s the way it should be.

Under the cover there is a clean look. Everything is tidy and clearly arranged. The master cylinder for the hydraulic clutch, along with the brake cylinder and the brake booster are all located tidily and equipped with maintenance free pivot heads.
Automotive technicians would say this is a clean design, which is exactly the right description for its neat appearance. Maintenance work such as adding oil or checking coolant does not require the whole body to be lifted up.
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